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There’s something about coming back from a stylish hotel that often makes us re-evaluate our own homes and want to make them a bit more stylish. The good news is that if you bear a few simple rules in mind, you can create the hotel chic look for less than you might think.

Keep It Simple
The first, and most important thing is to keep your scheme simple. One of the reasons boutique hotels look so inviting is because the style is pared down and rooms only contain the minimum of furnishings and accessories that they need.

Avoid Busy Colour Schemes
The second key element is to take time over considering a defined style and a colour scheme for each room in question. The hotel chic colour palette is generally subtle and muted, as these rooms are primarily intended for relaxing. The types of colours you choose will clearly affect the mood of the room, so try to aim for restrained but not sombre. Greys and stone are ideal, as are understated shades of cappuccino and coffee, or fawn and duck egg blue.

In designs with a lot of black and white, a bold primary colour such as red or blue looks great if it is used very sparingly to lift the room with a few clever splashes of colour. Avoid overly busy colour schemes, with strong clashes of colour, as these will undermine the desired restful feel.

Try ‘Layering’
Next you can enjoy selecting exactly the right accessories. While hotel chic rooms are never cluttered, they always look inviting and homely. This is achieved through a clever technique known as ‘layering’. For example, as well as the duvet and pillows, a bed will also be covered with matching throw folded neatly along the bottom and four or five extra pillows and cushions in different shapes, custom cushion covers and complementary fabrics so that the whole scheme is tied together.

Complete The Look
Careful consideration should also be given to the textures of the different materials used, to bring another level of warmth to this inviting look. To complete this layered look, position a sofa or Ottoman at the base of the bed, again upholstered in a fabric that helps to create a unified whole.

If you put cushions on the sofa, then you may wish to have fewer pillows on the bed, to avoid a busy look. One of the shades in your chosen colour scheme can be echoed in the curtains, perhaps on one feature wall, and even in the carefully-selected accessories such as vases and paintings on the walls.

Buy Well Made Items
Part of the reason that hotel chic is so effective is that boutique hotels know that they need to select only the best quality items in order for them to withstand the rigours of being in constant use. By choosing your furnishings from a respected supplier, and ordering well-made items in natural materials, you can enjoy the luxury holiday feeling in the comfort of your own home.


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