Do you have a car for scrap in Adelaide?

As an Adelaide’s Towing company, HS Car Removals offers free towing for people who have a car for scrap in the Adelaide area. We operate seven days a week so don’t be afraid to pick up the phone and schedule an appointment to have that scrap car removed from your property. It does not matter if the junk vehicle is a garage with flat tires or in your yard with trees growing through it, we are car removal experts and we’ll get your scrap car out of your hair without much hassle. Our tow truck is designed to remove any scrap cars you require taken away, from small cars to large four by four trucks. The junk car condition does not matter either, it can be a rusted out junk pile that just suffered a demolition derby, and we will remove it and take it away for you. Contact us today and make use of our car for scrap service. Scrap car removal is what we do.

Another car for scrap service benefit we offer is the scrap money we pay you for using our premium junk car service. We pay cash for the scrap cars and the larger your junk vehicle is, the more money we pay you for it. For example, someone who has a large, one ton four by four for scrap would get a lot more scrap money than an individual who has an old Volkswagen bug to get rid off. We still pay; it’s just a matter of weight. We also accept scrap items that are not cars, such as farm equipment and industrial scrap steel. We will come out to your location, access the weight of the items your have and pay you cash for broken cars accordingly. We also have a skid steer for scrap removal jobs that require clean up and gathering of the scrap metal. Again, just give us a call and book an appointment to get your scrap assessed.

It should be noted that we offer our car for scrap service to the entire surrounding Adelaide area. We get calls regularly to pick up cars for scrap on farms and acreages everywhere. If you have a car for scrap but do not live in Adelaide directly, call us and give us the directions to get to your place, we will show up promptly and take good care of you and your scrap car removal needs.

We invite you to put us to the test. Book you car for scrap removal appointment today, Christmas is around the corner and were sure you could use a few bucks to start that shopping!

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