What a choice of boards we have these days, my own favourite type is the electronic dart board, no more CHALKING. Its no surprise to me that a lot of these boards are called cricketmaster or some such thing, as it gets rid of the chore of scoring in cricket which is more complicated than the standard 501 game.

But I think that improves things tremendously, as it gets rid of the boring scoring ritual, and makes the game both quicker and more fun. I tried out the arcade style boards at an exhibition the other day and got completely engrossed, they are much more fun than traditional boards especially for cricket.

There is also a home version of the electronic dart boards Australia which are almost as good as the expensive ones in the arcades and bars. The drawback? When the dart misses the board or falls out, the tip breaks. Well maybe not every time, but often enough, so make sure when you are using the soft tip darts on these boards, have some spare tips.

However even with the super electronics on the new boards, the bristle type board is still going strong, not least because it is still used in all the big international competitions. The bristle boards have also improved immensely over the years with much less of the dreaded bounce outs that you used to get thanks to embedded wire in the board and staple less design that most of the boards have these days. I remember feeling cheated when the dart bounced out when I was going for the bull, goodness it was difficult enough without the board throwing your dart back at you as well.

The other type of dartboard still going strong is the paper dartboard, most noticeably the “Widdy” dartboard, the original American dart board that has been going since the 1920’s. Mostly used on the east coast of America, it is still being used and you use  these really cute fat wooden darts with genuine turkey feathers with the boards, as steel darts would be a tad heavy for them unless you have some really light ones. The look of the Widdy is different too, there doesn’t seem to be any treble ring as such. I’ve never played on one but I’d love to try one out one day

Dart board cabinets

Ok so you have your dartboard, do you just hang it naked on the wall or do you get a cabinet. Well if you value your wall, you need a cabinet, the walls soon start to look like it’s had an attack of woodworm especially if you are a beginner at the sport. Besides it looks better as well.

The cabinets can be simple affairs or exotic metal monsters. The type of cabinet you get depends on the board you have. For the bristle boards small wooden cabinets will suffice and the choice is extensive. There are various colors available and some of them have fancy designs, like a work of art you hang on the wall and are shaped to look like old style clocks. The other advantage of a cabinet is that they have a scoreboard on the doors when you open them out, and a lot of them have some sort of storage system to put your darts in.

Electronic dartboards need a bigger cabinet, as the board is bigger to accommodate the electronics. Again there are some really nice cabinets available from a plain oak cabinet to cabinets with fancy inlays but the main thing is that they are bigger and fit all of the wall mounted electronic dart boards. Some of them go to town and have a drawer as well to put all your darts stuff in. The cabinets come in various colors so you can get one to suit your furniture; they have light, medium and dark colors. So give your games room some class, get yourself a good looking cabinet to put your board into and enjoy.

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