Concrete Home

Concrete is a composite material used commonly in building construction or building services London. It consists of a combination of an aggregate and a cement binder. Most commonly, cement is made of Portland cement, mineral aggregates and water. Concrete is actually the most widely used man-made material. Concrete has high compressive strength, but comparatively lower tensile strength. Concrete can be reinforced with steel or fibre. It can be prestressed (reduction of tensile strength) using steel cables.

Concrete in House Construction- The Pros

Concrete homes combine style with strength and flexibility. Concrete also provides natural soundproofing and everlasting strength. Solid concrete homes are more airtight than the wooden construction, thus reducing air drafts in the home. Concrete is heat absorbing and levels the temperature changes. This keeps the house warmer in winter and cooler in summer. Concrete homes also call for less repair and maintenance. They are safe from dry rot, termites and pests. Concrete homes are environment friendly, as they considerable reduce deforestation. They are also one-time investments. Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) is commonly used in building construction. Building houses with ICF comes with advantages such as fire resistance, energy saving and excellent structural strength. There are around 30 brands of ICF available in North America. ICF homes offer design flexibility as they can be completed with any interior or exterior finishings. Concrete homes are resistant to structural stresses such as earthquakes. They are also resistant to rot, pests and termites. The total construction cost of concrete homes is less due to low labor requirement. ICF walls construction is only slightly more than that of wooden frames. Concrete homes are significantly cost effective.

Cons of Concrete Homes

The disadvantages of concrete construction include excess time for construction and more risk of leakage, which require more costly repairs. Humidity is more likely to develop in such constructions. It also takes more time to heat up. Concrete homes are tougher to remodel than normal constructions.

But, all in all, the advantages of concrete homes far outweigh the disadvantages. Concrete homes are, thus very feasible and widely used options. Concrete homes are an excellent investment in terms of safety and value.

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