Clutch Purses

Clutch purses are a stylish, sleek, sophisticated alternative to a large bag, and an essential ingredient in your evening out wardrobe. A fun, spunky yet elegant accessory, the clutch purse carries the essentials, but takes up little room, and is perfect for those times when a smaller purse is desired.

The clutch purse goes back to the early part of the 19th century, but was out of favor for several decades before making a comeback during World War II. Thanks to the rationing of materials and popularity of a more spare approach, the clutch purse regained popularity. Since then, clutch purses have been one of the staples of the modern wardrobe.

Today’s active lifestyle is particularly suited to the clutch purse. Small electronic devices like mobile phones, iPods and other mp3 players, and PDAs are perfectly suited to the size of clutch purses. In fact it’s almost as if the clutch purse was designed with such devices in mind.

Clutch purses are known as the height of elegance. A regular purse simply does not work with white gloves and evening gown, at least not the way a clutch does. There’s nothing to complete that elegant outfit like a leather or satin clutch purse.

The selection of clutch purses is as wide as you can imagine. Virtually every well known designer has at least a few clutches in their line, including the Kenneth Cole Unlisted Vintage Clutch Purse, the Aldo Casargo, the Calvin Klein Patent Metallic Stone Flap Clutch, the Liz Claiborne Roll Call Soft Clutch, the Bruno Magli Milo Clutch, and many more. Even celebrities are in on the act – witness the Jessica Simpson Front Row Clutch for an example.

Take a look at the clutch purses below, but don’t forget to also click on the links below. There, you can fine tune your selection by brand, designer, price, location, color, and many more prameters, to find just the right clutch for you. Enjoy!

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