Cairns Scuba Diving

There is certainly a different feeling while taking a plunge into Cairns scuba diving. The experience of Cairns diving isn’t like any other diving destination because the Pacific Ocean lies on the west coast, that’s not the case when you’re diving in the Caribbean Sea. It’s definitely a great idea to go on Cairns diving holidays as you can enjoy the best of Dive Career Centre.

Diving across the Great Barrier Reef in the Queensland is another fabulous retreat. From the northern tilt of Queensland down the eastern coast , the Great Barrier Reef covers 200 kilometers. Therefore, it is a fabulous spot for scuba diving in cairns. After the Great Barrier Reef, the Great Maya Barrier Reef is the world’s second largest reef that is home to varied species of marine life. If you are in Cairns, then definitely make plans to enjoy scuba diving as it is going to be a memory you’ll cherish for the rest of your life.