4 Easy Steps to Getting Cold Hard Cash For Your Junk Car Removal

Car Wreckers Melbourne will buy and tow away your used and wrecked cars. Using this service will allow you to get rid of that wrecked, totaled, or used car that you have no use for anymore. The best part about this deal is the payment you will receive for selling this unneeded car.

Step One: Submit Your Information

You will need to submit information regarding your location and the location of your car. Once this is complete, you will enter detailed information about your vehicle’s condition. Include details about any accidents or any other damage that would affect the value of the vehicle. You will include information regarding if it runs and how it drives. Lastly, depending on your state’s requirement, the title may need to be included in this transaction.

Once this information is complete, you will receive a call with a fair cash offer for your totaled vehicle.

Step Three: Junk Car Removal

If you accept the offer for your vehicle, you vehicle will be scheduled for removed within 24 – 48 hours. A towing service will contact you regarding this car removal Melbourne to expedite the process.  This part of the process is a free service.

Step Four: Cash for Wrecked Cars

Once your car is removed, a payment will be mailed within two weeks.

This four step process will give you payment for your totaled or wrecked car within two weeks. This service will also make offers for running or new cars.  Use it when you need money for your wrecked car and need a great free car removal Melbourne service.

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